- Fixed the issue in TIFF saving.

- Fixed crash when load many images.

- For FLIR, changed thread process to event process.
- Show remaining days for licensed.
- Added check box for apply/no-apply parameters.
- create subfolder with date to avoid overwrite.
- updated DJI SDK v1.4.
- Bug fixes        
    - fixed libdirp.dll issue.
    - fixed crash for no-thermal images.
    - fixed crash for converting many images.
    - fixed meta data issue.
    - fixed unmovabe files while opening TC.
    - Batch editor doesn't apply to all images when exporting.

- Fixed GPS issue.
- Fixed TIFF file extension issue.
- Added a progress bar, and show progress.
- Added error details
- Fixed meta data issue: GPS, date, camera details.
- Re-added EULA.

1.6.0 (BETA only)
- Added Autel
- Fixed for high temperature image
- Fixed dll issues
- Added vc_redist to installer
- Added 'Select All' button
- multi thread for export

- Update license (deactivate, trial is available)
- Update DJI SDK
    - Add M30T
    - M2EA by DJI SDK
- Update image parameters
- Remove thread operation during convert/save
    - Atlas SDk doesn't support multi thread.

- Update Atlas SDK
- Fixed M2EA
- Offline license
- Add autoadjust

- New graphics
- New Installer project.
- Ignore "EOI" segment when parsing "SOS" segment.
- Passing XMP parameters.
- Adding a job through the command line
- All reading through in-memory copy.
- Copy all tags /app1, /idf
- Record metadata in tiff.
- Fix memory problem during recording.
- Delete data after reading. Work only with the list.
- Process files of 5 pieces. Avoiding display image generation errors. Test for 400 pieces.
- Fixed TIFF import bug.
- Opening the source folder
- Saving the source folder in the registry
- Statistics accounting and process display.
- Completion message.
- Decreasing priority.
- Fixed a bug in the histogram
- Added TIFF reading.
- Text error
- Reduced list indents
- Fixed. Does not save unread files.
- Need to add status color
- Manual export formula in TIFF
- Background download of files.
- Separate download, separate conversion.
- Error handling and output.
- Changed the text in the case of an incorrect license.
- Changed the file list style
- Fields for licensing have been increased
- License status
- Statute of saving in a file
- Fixed a possible missing parameter causing an error. 
- Added location copying to FLIR block.
- Added copying parameters: FocalLength, SerialNumber, CreateDate.
- Different reading options for some parameters.
- Corrected getting a color picture if it's not from DJI. 
- Fixed the error of opening without a license file. 
- With geolocation conversion 
- First version without geolocation conversion